USB host and USB device

can any buddy tell me

USB host and USb Device stack run on same peace of hardware and for that we have different different harware ?

like for host we have Host control Interface what for device ? please tell me

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The hardware will have to be different. A host and a device are physically different which how they can be told apart. Read the USB spec.

What's it for? Pen drive, mouse, cold fusion reactor?

Read the USB spec. Or go to Jungo and pay them a lot of money to sell you their USB stacks.

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Tom Lucas

USB is a Master - Slave oriented communications protocol where the master is responsible for originating all USB communication traffic. Even in the construct of Interrupt transfers, the Host is still responsible for initiating the transfer. The USB Host is the master and the USB Device is the slave. A Typical USB Host is a PC which connects to any number of slave Devices.

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