Help needed in open source 8051 simulator

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Greetings to all embedded developers...
I would like to request for help regarding one of my projects being
hosted at which is about an 8051 simulator cum
assembler...( I added the assembler recently, but is still in its
alpha stage...) tool kit.

Right now the software is for the Linux platform and in purely text
mode. What I would appreciate is if anybody could try to glue it into
a GUI either with GTK+ or Qt.
personally, I have very little knowledge of GTK+ or Qt and would
definitely welcome if any help comes along.
The code is entirely written in C and can de downloaded from
its fully GPLed and I would always welcome all suggestions and
improvements from the programming fraternity( and sorority too...)

I have developed this software in my free time and hence it is not as
good as the professional ones.But still is is an honest attempt from
an honest programmer.

You can also email me at for any further

Thanking You,
yours sincerely,
Seemanta Dutta ;-)

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