Graphics LCD 128x64 in 64x128 orientation

I am going to be using a 128x64 graphics lcd with an S6B0724 controller. I want to use the LCD oriented so that the display appears to be 64x128. So I have to rotate my fonts by 90 degrees.

I have seen drivers for the S6B0724 in 128x64 mode, but do not know if there is an easy solution to rotating the characters by 90 degrees. I can read in the information then "reformat" it so when it is displayed the character appears to be correct when viewed in the 64x128 orientation.

Has anyone done such work? Is there an easy solution that I cannot see? or do I have to convert the font data to be written out in the 128x64 x-y mode and seen as being correct in the 64x128 orientation?


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