Character orientation with character LCD displays

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I'm applying 2line x n character LCD displays, typical of the Powertip
range, but from various sources. None of the datasheets that I've hunted
down specify the actual orientation of the displayed characters. The
illustrations suggest that when the text is viewed, it's right way up with
the connection pins to the left, but it's not explicitly stated anywhere.
The couple that I've tested are this way. Am I likely to find that this is
the situation with all, or at least most, of the displays that look more or
less the same and with the same interface specs. Or would it be advisable to
test every make/type?

Re: Character orientation with character LCD displays

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 You need to refer to the datasheet for each specific unit.  I've seen
them go any which way, up, down, left, right.

 If you have a bunch of otherwise unknown displays, you'll have to test
each series.  More so, we've seen some that have a couple of pins
transposed too.  There are conventions and there are standards.  It
appears at least some of the manufacturers do not adhere to either.
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