128x64 KS0107/08 LCD

Hi everybody,

I am doing programming for 128x64 KS0107/08 Graphical LCD using Rabbi

2000 microprocessor. I am new to this LCD. I couldn't find how to make pixel on. I tried with the program as shown below.. But I am not gettin display.

On the other hand, I didn't know what will be character size, actuall what will be the procedure to know the size of a character..

Kindly suggest me any idea or a sample program to display a character...

#class auto

/* commands for port settings */ #define SET_RS() BitWrPortI(PDDR,&PDDRShadow,1,0) //SET RS #define CLR_RS() BitWrPortI(PDDR,&PDDRShadow,0,0) //CLR RS #define SET_EN() BitWrPortI(PDDR,&PDDRShadow,1,1) //SET EN #define CLR_EN() BitWrPortI(PDDR,&PDDRShadow,0,1) //CLR EN #define SET_CS1() BitWrPortI(PDDR,&PDDRShadow,1,2) //SET CS1 #define CLR_CS1() BitWrPortI(PDDR,&PDDRShadow,0,2) //CLR CS1 #define SET_CS2() BitWrPortI(PDDR,&PDDRShadow,1,3) //SET CS2 #define CLR_CS2() BitWrPortI(PDDR,&PDDRShadow,0,3) //CLR CS2 #define LCD_CS1() CLR_CS2();SET_CS1(); #define LCD_CS2() SET_CS2();CLR_CS1();

/* commands for LCD */ #define DISPLAYON 0x3F /* display on */ #define SETPAGEADR 0xB8 /* x coordinate from 0-128 */ #define SETBYTEADR 0x40 /* y coordinate from 0-64 */ #define SETSTARTADR 0xC0 /* start line (z - address) */

/* function prototypes */ void LcdInit(void); void LcdWriteCmd(unsigned char ); void LcdWriteData(unsigned char ); void LcdDelay(void); void LcdClear(void); void LcdSetXY(int , int );

unsigned int i,j,x,y,row,col;

void main(void) /* Main Function */ { WrPortI ( PDFR,NULL,0x00 ); WrPortI ( PDDCR,NULL,0xFF ); WrPortI ( PDDDR,NULL,0xFF );



printf("\n MAIN LOOP");

for(row = 0; row < 8 ; row++ ) { for(col = 0; col < 128 ; col++){ LcdSetXY(row,col); LcdWriteData(0xFF); } } LcdClear();

while(1); }

void LcdInit(void) /* initialization of LCD */ { printf("\n Init function ");

LCD_CS1(); LcdWriteCmd(DISPLAYON);

LCD_CS2(); LcdWriteCmd(DISPLAYON); }

void LcdWriteCmd(unsigned char cmd) /* send command to LC

*/ { printf("\n IN CMD "); CLR_RS(); WrPortI(PADR,&PADRShadow,(PADRShadow | cmd)); SET_EN(); LcdDelay(); CLR_EN(); }

void LcdWriteData(unsigned char data) /* send data to LC

*/ { printf("\n In DATA "); SET_RS(); WrPortI(PADR,&PADRShadow,(PADRShadow | data)); SET_EN(); LcdDelay(); CLR_EN(); }

void LcdDelay(void) /* delay function */ { for(i=0;i

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Hi Johnny,

Without having looked at your source code: standard troubleshooting for a blank LCD screen is to check the contrast voltage. Always worked for me.

Regards, Marc

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Hi Jonny,

I have used a

formatting link
driver. It sets a number of registers in the initialization sequence. Manu controllers require a number of settings. I'm not sure that your LcdInit is complete:

Try to read your display controller manual for hints.

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