Free Software Anywhere to Calculate Determinant of 4x4 Matrix with Elements in [-2^31, 2^31-1]?

I'm unit-testing embedded code that calculates the determinant of 4x4 matrices with elements that are 32-bit signed integers.

The method I'm using in the embedded code is the standard cofactor expansion, so the result is exact.

Per Hadamard's inequality, I'm using 160-bit signed arithmetic.

Just so I don't make the same mistake in my program that generates the unit test vectors as I do in my embedded code, is there any free software out there that will calculate large determinants?

I'll be using the GMP and a C program to generate test vectors, but I'd like an "independent" program to double-check the program that I'm using to generate the test vectors.

I've had good luck with "bc" for some large integer arithmetic test cases, but I don't believe "bc" will do matrix determinants.

Thanks, Dave Ashley

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David T. Ashley
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Scilab and Octave, but I couldn't guarantee that they'll do better than

64-bit floating point arithmetic. So if getting the thing precise down to +/- 1LSB is important, they wouldn't do.
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Tim Wescott

python and numpy could do it. See , for instance.


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Mel Wilson

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You might try the 'calc' mode in emacs. I believe it can do what you want.

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