USB-Communication Device Class-Virtual Com Port

Hi all, I wrote an enumeration and soruce codes as you can see below for making communicated Max3420e USB with PC via terminals . When I plugged in the USB, PC said "USB Device not recognized".

I don't understand where my fault:( I only want to make communicated Max USB with PC terminals(TeraTerm,Hyper Terminal etc.)

Please help me,please...

Note:I attached one c file and two header file to my message. Abraham.

//**************************************************************************** //max_usb_driver_enum.c //**************************************************************************** #include #include #include #include #include #include #include "max3420e_usb.h" #include "max_usb_driver_enum_data.h" #include "spi_usb_comm.h"

#define ENABLE_IRQS usb_write_config(rEPIEN,(bmSUDAVIE+bmIN3BAVIE+bmIN0BAVIE+bmOUT0DAVIE)); usb_write_config(rUSBIEN,(bmURESIE+bmURESDNIE+bmBUSACTIE));

#define TWENTY_MSEC 14200 // adjust this constant for 20 msec button checks

#define BLINKTIME 25 // blink every 500 msec

//Global variables Uint8 SUD[8]; Uint8 configval; // Set/Get_Configuration value Uint8 ep3stall; // Flag for EP3 Stall, set by Set_Feature, reported back in Get_Status

Uint8 interfacenum; // Set/Get interface value Uint8 RWU_enabled; // Set by Set/Clear_Feature RWU request, sent back for Get_Status-RWU

Uint8 Suspended; // Tells the main loop to look for host resume and RWU pushbutton

Uint16 msec_timer; // Count off time in the main loop Uint16 blinktimer; // Count milliseconds to blink the "loop active" light

Uint8 test_1,test_2,test_3; int i; Uint8 msgidx,msglen; // Text string in EnumApp_enum_data.h--index and length

Uint8 inhibit_send; // Flag for the keyboard character send routine

Uint8 send3zeros; // EP3-IN function uses this to send HID (key up) codes between keystrokes

Uint8 test_4[64]; int PC_DTR=0;

// USB functions void std_request(void); void class_request(void); void vendor_request(void); void send_descriptor(void); void feature(Uint8); void get_status(void); void set_interface(void); void get_interface(void); void set_configuration(void); void get_configuration(void);

// Application code void do_SETUP(void); void do_IN3(void); // Handle a USB SETUP transfer void check_for_resume(void); void service_irqs(void); void usb_main_exec(void);

//********main void usb_main_exec(void) { test_1 = usb_read_config(rFNADDR); test_2 = usb_read_config(rEPIRQ); test_3 = usb_read_config(rUSBIRQ);

if(Suspended) { check_for_resume(); } service_irqs(); //burada if içinde "max_int_pending" diye bir fonk vard?

msec_timer++; if(msec_timer==TWENTY_MSEC) { msec_timer=0; } blinktimer++; // blink the loop active light every half second

if(blinktimer==BLINKTIME) { blinktimer=0; } // msec_timer==ONE_MSEC }

void check_for_resume(void) { if(usb_read_config(rUSBIRQ) & bmBUSACTIRQ) // THE HOST RESUMED BUS TRAFFIC

{ Suspended=0; // no longer suspended } }

void service_irqs(void) { Uint8 itest1,itest2; itest1 = usb_read_config(rEPIRQ); // Check the EPIRQ bits itest2 = usb_read_config(rUSBIRQ); // Check the USBIRQ bits if(itest1 & bmSUDAVIRQ) { usb_write_config(rEPIRQ,bmSUDAVIRQ); // clear the SUDAV IRQ do_SETUP(); } if(itest1 & bmIN3BAVIRQ) // Was an EP3-IN packet just dispatched to the host?

{ //do_IN3(); } if((configval != 0) && (itest2&bmSUSPIRQ)) // HOST suspended bus for

3 msec

{ usb_write_config(rUSBIRQ,(bmSUSPIRQ+bmBUSACTIRQ)); // clear the IRQ and bus activity IRQ

Suspended=1; // signal the main loop } if(usb_read_config(rUSBIRQ)& bmURESIRQ) { usb_write_config(rUSBIRQ,bmURESIRQ); // clear the IRQ } if(usb_read_config(rUSBIRQ) & bmURESDNIRQ) { usb_write_config(rUSBIRQ,bmURESDNIRQ); // clear the IRQ bit Suspended=0; // in case we were suspended ENABLE_IRQS // ...because a bus reset clears the IE bits

} }

void do_SETUP(void) { int i; for (i=0;i= msglen) // check for message wrap { msgidx=0; } usb_write_configAS(rEP3INBC,3); // arm it }*/

void std_request(void) { switch(SUD[bRequest]) { case SR_GET_DESCRIPTOR: send_descriptor(); break; //case SR_SET_FEATURE: feature(1); break; //case SR_CLEAR_FEATURE: feature(0); break; //case SR_GET_STATUS: get_status(); break; case SR_SET_INTERFACE: set_interface(); break; case SR_GET_INTERFACE: get_interface(); break; case SR_GET_CONFIGURATION: get_configuration(); break; case SR_SET_CONFIGURATION: set_configuration(); break; case SR_SET_ADDRESS: usb_read_configAS(rFNADDR); break; // discard return value

default:STALL_EP0 } }

void set_configuration(void) { configval=wValueL; // Store the config value if(configval != 0) // If we are configured, SETBIT(rUSBIEN,bmSUSPIE); // start looking for SUSPEND interrupts

usb_read_configAS(rFNADDR); // dummy read to set the ACKSTAT bit


void get_configuration(void) { usb_write_config(rEP0FIFO,configval); // Send the config value usb_write_configAS(rEP0BC,1); }

void set_interface(void) // All we accept are Interface=0 and AlternateSetting=0, otherwise send STALL

{ Uint8 dumval; if((SUD[wValueL]==0) // wValueL=Alternate Setting index &&(SUD[wIndexL]==0)) // wIndexL=Interface index dumval=usb_read_configAS(rFNADDR); // dummy read to set the ACKSTAT bit

else STALL_EP0 }

void get_interface(void) // Check for Interface=0, always report AlternateSetting=0

{ if(SUD[wIndexL]==0) // wIndexL=Interface index { usb_write_config(rEP0FIFO,0); // AS=0 usb_write_configAS(rEP0BC,1); // send one byte, ACKSTAT } else STALL_EP0 }

void get_status(void) { Uint8 testbyte; testbyte=SUD[bmRequestType]; switch(testbyte) { case 0x80: // directed to DEVICE usb_write_config(rEP0FIFO,(RWU_enabled+1)); // first byte is 000000rs where r=enabled for RWU and s=self-powered.

usb_write_config(rEP0FIFO,0x00); // second byte is always 0 usb_write_configAS(rEP0BC,2); // load byte count, arm the IN transfer, ACK the status stage of the CTL transfer

break; case 0x81: // directed to INTERFACE usb_write_config(rEP0FIFO,0x00); // this one is easy--two zero bytes usb_write_config(rEP0FIFO,0x00); usb_write_configAS(rEP0BC,2); // load byte count, arm the IN transfer, ACK the status stage of the CTL transfer

break; case 0x82: // directed to ENDPOINT if(SUD[wIndexL]==0x83) // We only reported ep3, so it's the only one the host can stall IN3=83

{ usb_write_config(rEP0FIFO,ep3stall); // first byte is 0000000h where h is the halt (stall) bit

usb_write_config(rEP0FIFO,0x00); // second byte is always 0 usb_write_configAS(rEP0BC,2); // load byte count, arm the IN transfer, ACK the status stage of the CTL transfer

break; } else STALL_EP0 // Host tried to stall an invalid endpoint (not


default: STALL_EP0 // don't recognize the request } }

// FUNCTION: Set/Get_Feature. Call as feature(1) for Set_Feature or feature(0) for Clear_Feature.

// There are two set/clear feature requests: // To a DEVICE: Remote Wakeup (RWU). // To an ENDPOINT: Stall (EP3 only for this app) //

void feature(Uint8 sc) { Uint8 mask; if((SUD[bmRequestType]==0x02) // dir=h->p, recipient = ENDPOINT && (SUD[wValueL]==0x00) // wValueL is feature selector, 00 is EP Halt

&& (SUD[wIndexL]==0x83)) // wIndexL is endpoint number IN3=83 { mask=usb_read_config(rEPSTALLS); // read existing bits if(sc==1) // set_feature { mask += bmSTLEP3IN; // Halt EP3IN ep3stall=1; } else // clear_feature { mask &= ~bmSTLEP3IN; // UnHalt EP3IN ep3stall=0; usb_write_config(rCLRTOGS,bmCTGEP3IN); // clear the EP3 data toggle

} usb_write_config(rEPSTALLS,(mask|bmACKSTAT)); // Don't use usb_write_configAS for this--directly writing the ACKSTAT bit

} else if ((SUD[bmRequestType]==0x00) // dir=h->p, recipient = DEVICE && (SUD[wValueL]==0x01)) // wValueL is feature selector, 01 is Device_Remote_Wakeup

{ RWU_enabled = scconfiguration_descriptor[44])

desclen = configuration_descriptor[44]; //else desclen = SUD[wLengthL]; pDdata = (Uint8 *) &configuration_descriptor[44];

} break; /* case GD_REPORT: desclen = configuration_descriptor[25]; pDdata = report_descriptor; break;*/ } // end switch on descriptor type

if (desclen!=0) { sendlen = (reqlen 64); sendlen = desclen; while(!usb_read_config(rEPIRQ& bmIN0BAVIRQ)); if(sendlen>0) usb_write_bytes(rEP0FIFO,sendlen,pDdata); //3 bytes more

usb_write_configAS(rEP0BC,sendlen); } } else STALL_EP0 // none of the descriptor types match }

void class_request(void) { switch (SUD[bRequest]) { case SEND_ENCAPSULATED_COMMAND: usb_write_configAS(rEP0BC, 0); break; // send_encapsulated_command(); break;

case GET_ENCAPSULATED_RESPONSE: usb_write_configAS(rEP0BC, 0); break; // send_encapsulated_command(); break; // get_encapsulated_response(); break;

case SET_COMM_FEATURE: break; case GET_COMM_FEATURE: break; case CLEAR_COMM_FEATURE:break; case SET_LINE_CODING: { usb_write_configAS(rEP0BC, 0);

if(SUD[wLengthL]>0) { while(!(usb_read_config(rEPIRQ) & bmOUT0DAVIRQ) && SUD[7]> 8) & 0xff) #define LSB(word) (BYTE)((WORD)(word) & 0xff)

// MAX3420E Registers #define rEP0FIFO 0x00 #define rEP1OUTFIFO 0x08 #define rEP2INFIFO 0x10 #define rEP3INFIFO 0x18 #define rSUDFIFO 0x20 #define rEP0BC 0x28 #define rEP1OUTBC 0x30 #define rEP2INBC 0x38 #define rEP3INBC 0x40 #define rEPSTALLS 0x48 #define rCLRTOGS 0x50 #define rEPIRQ 0x58 #define rEPIEN 0x60 #define rUSBIRQ 0x68 #define rUSBIEN 0x70 #define rUSBCTL 0x78 #define rCPUCTL 0x80 #define rPINCTL 0x88 #define rRevision 0x90 #define rFNADDR 0x98 #define rGPIO 0xA0

// MAX3420E bit masks for register bits // R9 EPSTALLS Register #define bmACKSTAT 0x40 #define bmSTLSTAT 0x20 #define bmSTLEP3IN 0x10 #define bmSTLEP2IN 0x08 #define bmSTLEP1OUT 0x04 #define bmSTLEP0OUT 0x02 #define bmSTLEP0IN 0x01

// R10 CLRTOGS Register #define bmEP3DISAB 0x80 #define bmEP2DISAB 0x40 #define bmEP1DISAB 0x20 #define bmCTGEP3IN 0x10 #define bmCTGEP2IN 0x08 #define bmCTGEP1OUT 0x04

// R11 EPIRQ register bits #define bmSUDAVIRQ 0x20 #define bmIN3BAVIRQ 0x10 #define bmIN2BAVIRQ 0x08 #define bmOUT1DAVIRQ 0x04 #define bmOUT0DAVIRQ 0x02 #define bmIN0BAVIRQ 0x01

// R12 EPIEN register bits #define bmSUDAVIE 0x20 #define bmIN3BAVIE 0x10 #define bmIN2BAVIE 0x08 #define bmOUT1DAVIE 0x04 #define bmOUT0DAVIE 0x02 #define bmIN0BAVIE 0x01

// R13 USBIRQ register bits #define bmURESDNIRQ 0x80 #define bmVBUSIRQ 0x40 #define bmNOVBUSIRQ 0x20 #define bmSUSPIRQ 0x10 #define bmURESIRQ 0x08 #define bmBUSACTIRQ 0x04 #define bmRWUDNIRQ 0x02 #define bmOSCOKIRQ 0x01

// R14 USBIEN register bits #define bmURESDNIE 0x80 #define bmVBUSIE 0x40 #define bmNOVBUSIE 0x20 #define bmSUSPIE 0x10 #define bmURESIE 0x08 #define bmBUSACTIE 0x04 #define bmRWUDNIE 0x02 #define bmOSCOKIE 0x01

// R15 USBCTL Register #define bmHOSCSTEN 0x80 #define bmVBGATE 0x40 #define bmCHIPRES 0x20 #define bmPWRDOWN 0x10 #define bmCONNECT 0x08 #define bmSIGRWU 0x04

// R16 CPUCTL Register #define bmIE 0x01

// R17 PINCTL Register #define bmFDUPSPI 0x10 #define bmINTLEVEL 0x08 #define bmPOSINT 0x04 #define bmGPOB 0x02 #define bmGPOA 0x01

// // GPX[B:A] settings (PINCTL register) #define gpxOPERATE 0x00 #define gpxVBDETECT 0x01 #define gpxBUSACT 0x02 #define gpxSOF 0x03

// ************************ // Standard USB Requests #define SR_GET_STATUS 0x00 // Get Status #define SR_CLEAR_FEATURE 0x01 // Clear Feature #define SR_RESERVED 0x02 // Reserved #define SR_SET_FEATURE 0x03 // Set Feature #define SR_SET_ADDRESS 0x05 // Set Address #define SR_GET_DESCRIPTOR 0x06 // Get Descriptor #define SR_SET_DESCRIPTOR 0x07 // Set Descriptor #define SR_GET_CONFIGURATION 0x08 // Get Configuration #define SR_SET_CONFIGURATION 0x09 // Set Configuration #define SR_GET_INTERFACE 0x0a // Get Interface #define SR_SET_INTERFACE 0x0b // Set Interface

// Get Descriptor codes #define GD_DEVICE 0x01 // Get device descriptor: Device #define GD_CONFIGURATION 0x02 // Get device descriptor: Configuration #define GD_STRING 0x03 // Get device descriptor: String #define GD_REPORT 0x22 // Get descriptor: Report #define CS_INTERFACE 0x24 // Get descriptor: Interface #define CS_ENDPOINT 0x25 // Get descriptor: Endpoint

// SETUP packet offsets #define bmRequestType 0 #define bRequest 1 #define wValueL 2 #define wValueH 3 #define wIndexL 4 #define wIndexH 5 #define wLengthL 6 #define wLengthH 7

// CDC bRequest values #define SEND_ENCAPSULATED_COMMAND 0x00 #define GET_ENCAPSULATED_RESPONSE 0x01 #define SET_COMM_FEATURE 0x02 #define GET_COMM_FEATURE 0x03 #define CLEAR_COMM_FEATURE 0x04 #define SET_LINE_CODING 0x20 #define GET_LINE_CODING 0x21 #define SET_CONTROL_LINE_STATE 0x22 #define SEND_BREAK 0x23

#endif /* MAX3420E_H_ */

//*************************************************************************** //***************************************************************************

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