semi customizable 4x4 matrix keypads

Does anybody have any favorite style of 4x4 matrix keypads that keycaps that can be somewhat customized?

I really don't want to put stickers over the * # A B C D keys. Generic legends such as start/stop/run/enter or arrow keys might work OK though.

splash resistance is a plus, but not required. Otherwise, the cheaper, the better.

I'd only need 1 or 2 from sort of off the shelf place like digikey or newark.

grayhill seems to make these, but their docs are worthless at best.

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Cydrome Leader
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I've used the Grayhill keypad. The clear overlay and legend inserts works well. (look at the bottom for the links for the overlay.) They have sealing gaskets and the stick on overlay seals well.


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Martin Riddle


the digikey site shows the legend sheets that are available, the grayhill site shows nothing at all about that stuff.


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