MPC5xx exception table relocation

I am having trouble getting code to run when relocated in flash.

Setup; MPC565, bootloader (mine) located @ 0x0000, compiled with CW 8.1

MSR[IP] = 0x0. Everything is good and bootloader runs on PORESET.

User program loaded @ 0x10000. Compiled with MSR[IP] = 1, BBCMCR[ETRE] =

1, and BBCMCR[OERC] = 0b01. As per AN2472. Linker file adjusted to load @ 0x10000. Linker MAP shows everything where it is supposed to go. .reset @ 0x10008.

Bootloader issues 'ba 0x10008'. User program starts running and everything is fine until the OS (ucosII) issues the first 'sc' command. Program halts, I believe because it can't find the 'system_call_exception' .I should say that the user program works perfectly when compiled for and loaded at 0x0000.

I have set (or reset) MSR[IP], and the BBCMCR register values after the jump and it does not help.

My question specifically; what controls where the system looks for the exception table at? What causes the processor to say 'Oh, an 'sc' call I'll go to _____ memory location to look for the 'system_call_exception'.

Or, on the other hand, maybe I'm just going about trying to get my code started the wrong way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Randy Meyers
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The sc exception is at $c00, if this is what you are asking. If you do not have it, you probably would like to get MPCFPE32B.pdf .


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