FPGA/Embedded courses online or near Toronto

Hi, are there any fpga/embedded/pcb design courses online or in toronto that i as a newbie could take as a newbie. I'm new to the field of fpga and I have got a xilinx starter kit with the spartan III chip.

I'd prefer to go through a full fledged instructor led course where i learn hardware design.

Does anything like that exists?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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They have a good service, I took the week long course when I was starting out. Very useful, and definitely worth the money.


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Jason Berringer

Thanks very much Jason.

Is there any other that you guys know of near Toronto.

The only one I knew of was NAICS

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which no longer seems to be in operation. I've tried to contact the Professor there Prof. Samary Baranov to no avail. I feel his program is (was) excellent. Anyone know how I can get a hold of him or if he's teaching FPGA some place else?

Please let me know if you guys know of any other courses in or near Toronto.

Thank you.

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Jason Berringer

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