Online Courses from Coursera (Power Electronics/VLSI)


Just wanted to share that I stumbled over online courses in amongst other things power electronics:

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Another one on VLSI:

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Some might find this usefull, if the diploma will mean anything to an employer, I do not know ;-)



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Yes, I have seen some of Uof C's course material and it really looks like they teach the proper stuff on power electronics. Evidently U of Colorado is one of the few universities left that teaches this stuff. At least that I have seen in the US. I know there are more but this appears to be one of the more decent ones.

boB K7IQ

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Thanks, The book looks like it might be good, even if one doesn't take the course. (I wonder how universities plan to make money by giving the courses away for free?) George H.

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George Herold

er things power electronics:

he course.

for free?).

Universities do well when they attract good students. Teaching less good st udents for a year, then seeing them go when they fail their courses, is a s ub-optimal use of resources.

Putting courses on the web where they can attract good students and prompt them to apply to become regular fee-paying students is a cheap form of sele ctive advertising.

The other side of this coin came up when I was talking to a friend of mine, who'd been hired by the department where I'd got my Ph.D. as the first hir e for more than 20 years who hadn't got their degree from that department.

His comment was that the department hadn't been much good for the previous decade or so, but it had coasted on its historical reputation and was still attracting the cream of the undergraduate and post-graduate students, whic h was making it relatively easy for him to get the quality back up to where it had been.

Bill Sloman, Sydney
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