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Is there any such thing as a Lan Network boot up floppy, that can be loaded onto a embedded 386 with limited memory, so this can be seen on windows 98 Machine.

Networking Dos to 98, so the board can be just seen on Windows 98.

Thanks Mike

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Look at

formatting link
Etherboot will allow you to boot an OS image stored on a TFTP server (only etherboot is on the floppy - or you could burn it to your ROM). You will need to setup TFTP and DHCP servers (they can be the same machine), and of course your windows 98 share. We are currently using this method to netboot a DOS image, then mount a samba share (windows network share) from a linux machine.

You can even make a netboot floppy over the internet via

formatting link
without bothering to download the source.

Good Luck. R. Main.


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