is there such a thing?

is there such a thing as a slide or rotary switch that mechanically encodes binary contacts for 6 or 8 bits?


James. :o)

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Well, it wouldn't have detents, but you could use a rotary encoder wheel and a micro...

I've only seen 4-bit (16 position) binary switches, but that doesn't mean they couldn't exist. 64 or 256 detents might be hard to make mechanically, though...

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William P.N. Smith

From memory, Burns makes (or made) a 7-bit mechanical absolute encoder (128 positions). It used some kind of modified Gray code that could be realized with a circuit board, IIRC. I have a sample of it somewhere.

There are optical absolute encoders with at least 10-bit resolution, but you might not like the price.

Of course, incremental optical or mechanical encoders are inexpensive and easily available.

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