Recruiting Kernel Engineer, Cambridge UK

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Hi all,

We are looking to recruit a Linux Kernel Engineer.

We are based in Cambridge, UK.

If interested, please reply to .

If not, please pass the word around.



Software Engineer - Linux Kernel

We are a fabless semiconductor company rapidly expanding our
family of microcontrollers.

We are looking to recruit a Linux Kernel hacker to help with
porting the kernel to new architectures.


Seeking a confident engineer to take the lead in kernel porting
and development of an embedded Linux platform for new microcontrollers.

Someone with a deep understanding of the internal Linux kernel and
internals, who is actively involved in the open source development

Key to success is your past experience, motivation, a dynamic
approach, and desire to see results.

We can provide a very stimulating environment, with unique challenges.


- 8+ yrs development experience with 3+ yrs Linux
- Extensive Linux Kernel experience
- Track, evaluate & integrate dev from open source community.
- Previous kernel porting experience much valued

Re: Recruiting Kernel Engineer, Cambridge UK
That's kerneljobs at cyantechnology dot com.

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