CompactFlash True IDE support for master/slave

I'm contemplating replacing an old ATA hard disc with a CompactFlash card in an adaptor. I've been reading the CF 2 specification, which suggests that /CSEL is used to select between master and slave mode (grounded=master, open=slave). So if I use an adaptor I should be able to put a CF card and another IDE device on the same bus.

In theory. But knowing that True IDE isn't well tested, how well does this actually work for real CF cards out there?

Thanks Theo

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Theo Markettos
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On Apr 1, 8:03 pm, Theo Markettos

Cable select is shaky territory in general on ATAPI devices, not just CF cards.

In a previous life some years ago, we tried to add internal storage for a device with an externally-accessible CF card by simply wiring a second CF slot in parallel and trying to use CSEL as you describe. We found some cards would fight.

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In my experience it's mostly shakey because of cable/motherboard issues. Force grounding the master at "source" usually is fine.

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Jim Jackson

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