CF card interface for MCF5282 under uCLinux

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Does the uCLinux port for the Coldfire MCF5282 include a CF card driver? And if yes, which card mode(s) does it support (Memory Mode, I/O Mode or True IDE Mode)?

Or is there any other OS for the MCF5282 which supports CF cards?



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Daniel Weiss
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Hello Daniel,

there is a uCLinux driver for the 5249, but none for the 5282, as much as I know.

Currently I am working on a 5272 application, and I tried to construct some glue logic for a rudimentary interface. Then I had a look at the bus timings. The 5272 is too fast to drive the interface in all PIO modes, and you can´t configure as much wait states as you´ll need.

I think that one will need a bit more hardware to get a real IDE port. A CPLD/FPGA would be needed to solve the timing problem. I included a fast Xilinx chip (10$ or so) in my hardware.

The driver won´t be the problem. True IDE Mode will be used, I think.

If you like to work on this, we could share our efforts...

Thanks, Tankred.

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Tankred Müller

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