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I am interested in building a pda/ebook reader type device from
scratch.  I have read several posts on this group and others about
this topic yet still have a few questions...
  I want to build something fairly low power and simple, using a
dragonball or coldfire from motorola, or an arm system on chip.  I
also have a thought about using several z80's or similar for some sort
of handheld multi-processing device (just for kicks, sounds cool)...
  In regards to an os I was thinking of an os such as uClinux
( but am open to others...don't know too much about
what is available for the various microcontrollers and
microprocessors.  I would like to do this without having to write a
massive amount of custom software, though I fear it may be
   Any information here would be appreciated.  thanks in advance


Re: building a pda
Ron, seems to be a fairly complete starting point for all kinds
of Linux software to run on a PDA: distributions, GUI, apps...


Re: building a pda
I'd like to know more about this too.

You can have a look at , it could help.

Post any news on ng.


Re: building a pda

Quoted text here. Click to load it

why not buy one of the oem type pda's
supposedly US$38 each with no moq

then just use the linux for palm  port.
or others os's(roms etc).

or something like
but don't give pricing info. =

their network boards look good as well.


What is it with Korean companies and not putting pricing up ?

There is an ecos port for it as well as uClinx and linux ports.
Plenty of linux ports for arm processors.

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