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pICSPeed is an in-circuit programmer for the PICmicro line of
microcontrollers.  It is made by In-Circuit Solutions from Canada.
There is even a link to the company on the Microchip website.  Don't
buy from In-Circuit Solutions unless you want to limit yourself to the
incomplete list of devices that their user interface supports, or you
want to enjoy the frustration of dealing with extremely unresponsive
customer service.

In-Circuit Solutions is very unresponsive to customer complaints.
Their phone rings to an answering machine and they don't return
messages.  I have e-mailed them at their sales and support e-mail
addresses about 25 times.  They have responded about 3 times, and
those responses were very short and unsatisfactory.  The last response
I got from them was that they have no plans to support the PIC18F2455,
or any other full-speed USB-capable PIC.  So if I want to develop for
the newer PICs, I can't use the pICSPeed.  I even threatened to post
this negative testimonial, but they still didn't answer my e-mail.
Apparently they are not very interested in maintaining a good
reputation.  The device I got was serial number 151, so I guess they
don't have much market share.  And with their current attitude, I
don't think they are ever going to sell number 152.

-Robert Scott
 Ypsilanti, Michigan

Re: Avoid pICSPeed Programmer
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It sounds as if this company run by the same fuckwits that run EE


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