Arin429 question-Please help

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Hi all,
  I did'nt know where to ask this question.Since Arinc429 protocol
will be used in avionics I am asking here,If this is not the right
group please let me know where to ask.
  I am totally confused over the function of bits 30 and 31(SSM
bits).Can any body explain with examples why these bits are used?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Arin429 question-Please help
They are the Sign & Status Bits and sometimes include bit 29 also.  They
tell you how to interpret the payload data like if its north or south,
positive or negative, valid or invalid.  How you use the SSM depends on what
429 message you're dealing with.

Go to and you can download the GAMA addendum to
arinc 429 for free.  See section 3.2 for examples of the SSM bits.  However
its not a substitute for getting the real Arinc 429 spec which can be
purchased from

I hope you're not designing stuff that's actually going in an airplane.

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Re: Arin429 question-Please help
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Thanks steve for your answer,
 But I could'nt find the link to download the GAMMA addendum in u please give the complete url where it is
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No, I am not a designer, but I am testing avionics software.Just
wanted to know about this protocol.

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