ramdisk question...Please respond. Thanks

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    I am a newbie to linux .
I am using x86 architecture with 1GB ram.

when i compile the kernel, i get this bvmlinux.out executable.

My requirement is that i need to boot my board with ramdisk. so this is what
i did,

I have loaded the bvmlinix.out at 0x100000 and ramdisk at 0x20000000.

I have modified the kernel code to hardcode the address of the ramdisk to
the kernel. Then i ask BIOS to jump to location 0x100000.

{ Note that i am not using any bootloader and the BIOS switch the processor
to protected mode and has some more instructions(not sure what they are)

before it jumps to the kernel}


[ This is what is modified in the code:

in arch/i386/kernel/setup.c ==> function: setup_memory(void)



i have removed all the code under #defined CONFIG_BLK_DEVINITRD

and replaced with the fiollowing line:

initrd_start = 0x20000000


function: setup_arch(char ** cmdline_p)



//I have added below line

rd_image_start = 0x20000000;

setup_memory-region(); //This is already present in the code



in init/main.c:: function: start_kernel(void)



calibrate_delay(); // This is existing code

i have removed all the code under #defined CONFIG_BLK_DEVINITRD

and replaced with the fiollowing line:

initrd_start = phys_to_virt(0x20000000);

mem_init(); //This is existing code



With all the above changes, i am able to mount the ramdisk properly. But the
kernel is panic'ing as it could not find "/sbin/init"

i have all the required files in the ramdisk.i even tried with init=/bin/sh.
still the kernel panics.

I believe somewhere kernel might be using the memory where the ramdisk is
located. This is because if i increase my ram to 2GB then

i could reach the shell.

Can you please tell me what is that i am missing?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Re: ramdisk question...Please respond. Thanks

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Please explain

1) What the hell is bvmlinux.out file - is this is a standard kernel, you
might do better to fill in the missing links with the reader if not !
2) Whats the hardware ?
3) Why the modifications to the load address - if its a 386 or above then
the virtual mapping is likely to get it right without any mods.
4) init=/bin/bash is safer as /bin/sh is a symlink in most systems
5) Have you done mkinitrd - Is the initrd file present, compressed
correctly ? 5) Most standard PC BIOS jump to the loader (kernel in this
case) in 'real mode'


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