Please help a student :) ->BCD to 7-segment


i have a question and i hope that you could provide an answer.

i got an assigment which goes like this:

draw and explain : BCD decoder to 7-segment code/display with a decoder and OR function/gate. on the link at the and i found what looks to be the solution to my problem but their is another problem. how do i get the logical function from the truth-table? the author says that i should minimaze the function using K-tables for every output but i don't know what to put in the K-table. can somebody do one example so that i can see what am i suposed to do? i'm guesing that i should then connect the output to the OR.

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sorry for the bad english but it is really late and i'm REALLY sleepy. thnx in advance for any help

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There really is enough info in that link for you to do this assignment. You can also look elsewhere, you found this one and the author suggests some references.

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