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i am an amteur to dsp and embedded systems. I am totally confused with
this thing
what is the difference between an embedded processor and
microprocessor and how they differ from dsp chip and FPGA. please let
me know the difference between them and i want to start working on dsp
with embedded systems, if there are any good literature please let me
thank you
sreeram koneru

Re: an amateur question
An embedded system is basically a computer system that isn't a general computer
- it's embedded inside a product. An embedded processor would just be a
procesor used in an embedded system.

A microprocessor is a processor that fits in a few chips, almost always 1 chip
these days. Most processors are microprocessors these days: Pentium, SPARC,

A microcontroller is a microprocessor with I/O devices on it. Most also have
ROM (EPROM/FLASH), and RAM as well.

A DSP is a processor specifically tailored for what is needed in Digital Signal
Processing. At the least, it usually means there is a Multiply-and-ACcumulate
instruction. There's usually more added on. You might want to take a look at
the architecture/reference manuals for DSP chips from the likes of TI or

FPGA is a Field-Programmable Gate Array. Essentially, a chip filled with gates
that you can specify how they are connected. There's usually an EPROM or FLASH,
internal or external,  that specifies what the connections are. Useful for
creating your own low-volume custom chips.

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