Anyone know where to get RICE17a software??

Sorry about the crosspost.

I bought one of these thing from Advanced Transdata a couple of years back but the company has gone belly up. I would like to use the emulator, but alas, i have no software. If anyone could help me out I would be extremely grateful.



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The real Andy
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All I have a an old version of the rice16a software. I'm sorry that the company disappeared. The tools were affordable.

Dana Frank Raymond

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Dana Raymond

I have something called setup17.exe from 3/2000. I'm not sure what version it is, but I can probably e-mail it to you. It's 2519KB. Let me know where if you want it. Steve

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I have a last version of the Rice17 install set downloaded from their web site in February before they dropped it altogether. If you send me your emial I can send it you you.


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Troy Schultz



Thanks everyone, the version i am chasing is 2.61.something I think. Should have specified this. Email is: a dot pearson at optus(no space here)net dot com dot au. Please email before sending an attachment so i can clear out my microsoft patches beforhand!!..Damn viruses, what a waste of bandwith.

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The real Andy





It looks like I have: 2.32,2.52, 2.54, 2.60, 2.61. I'll drop you a note. Steve

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steve synakowski

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