Where to get thermistors in the UK?

I'm looking for an outside temperature sender replacement for a renault laguna. (£70 in the spares shop!)

I understand that I can make one with a 2.7K @ 25 deg beta 3877 thermistor such as the Vishay 2322 640 55272 plus a couple of resistors to corect it.

Unfortunately the only place I can find (Farnells) sells them at £1.32 each but with a minimum order of £20. Other places want me to buy 750 of them at once. - I only want one (or two so that I have a spare for next time)

Anyone know where such a thing can be bought over the net in singles or where there is a shop near to Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, UK?


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Sorry I can't help source the thermistor you require. I'm looking to do the same as you - make a replacement renault outside temp. sensor. Assuming it was possible to find the required thermistor, do you have any thoughts on the resistor(s) needed to correct it?


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