Is anyone interested in this?

Over the years I've thrown out many hundreds of appliances, most because they had such little resale value. Here in our area, we get to watch every spring as a big trash truck comes around and crushes up all the large stuff you leave at the curb, on a given date. When you have a pile that includes

50 or more TV sets, it gets rather entertaining - which is why I started videotaping it a few years ago. I've had enough interest in my annual junkpile, that I've finally put the footage together on a DVD, and am considering selling it on the internet. Does it sound like a worthy idea? Are there enough twisted minds out there that want to see something like this? See for yourself with this brief clip, showing the crushing of one or two TV's:
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Let me know what you think. Would you pay $10 to watch 57 minutes of stuff getting crushed in a dump truck?
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Chris F.
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At alt.dumpster, this would be considered a horror movie.

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Beloved Leader

Speaking for myself, no.


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Only if it's titled "The rise and fall of the American Industry"

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Ken Weitzel

Beloved Leader ha escrito:

from the description, I would say it IS a horror movie! haven't seen it yet as the link was down, but destruction of usable (or at least, repairable) equipment is tragic. Especially since that is highly polluting material which needs to be kept out the landfiull at all costs. I am sure there are people on low incomes, teenage tinkerers etc. who would be grateful for the chance to get hold of some of that equipment. I would!


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Try right-clicking the link, then Save Target As.

of usable (or

Next time I clean, you can come help yourself to a couple dumptruck loads..... I would gladly give anything of use to someone who could use the parts - but the fact is nobody wants the stuff. How many young people do you know who like to tinker with electronics? People just aren't getting into that sort of thing any more. It's a dead industry, and it makes me sorry I wasn't born 50 years earlier. BTW most of this stuff was stripped of all useful parts; I recycled most of the aluminum, brass, and copper from the TVs, VCRs, and microwaves - the metal from this springs cleaning alone brought over $300. But to anyone who criticizes me for throwing out so much stuff, don't blame me - blame the people who rush to the nearest Walmart to buy new electronics. If people still bought used electronics, I wouldn't be throwing them out.

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Chris F.

I must be badly out of touch with reality, or simply with a twisted mind, to even think of selling this footage as a feature-length DVD. I guess it shows how little of a life I have, when I actually stand by the curb and shoot video of the trash truck crushing old appliances. Sad isn't it?

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Chris F.


Well, to put a different spin on least someone would be answering their own question if they asked what sort of trash you happened to be watching! :-D


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William R. Walsh

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