8051 system development from scratch

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I wan to develop a system with the 8051 Micro controller. I have used
a development KIT in college days. In the Kit, it was mearly entering
Op-codes and running the program. so, I am not aware of the system the
Kit had.

Now, i want to buy a 8051 and other required chips and i want to make
a system.

Can you people guide us, how to proceed. and how can i donwnload the
File in to 8051. Ie., i need to donwload the program right? and how
can i run ?

Before that, do i need to try with some simultors?

Thanks in advance.


Re: 8051 system development from scratch
muthu snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.co.in (Muthu) wrote in

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I find the Cygnal (www.cygnal.com) kits easy to use. Of course I have the
Keil compiler package which interfaces nicely to it so I can't comment on
the software supplied with the Cygnal kits. These 8051's have JTAG debug
so you don't need a simulator or a separate ICE.

- Mark ->

Re: 8051 system development from scratch
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The cygnal chips are single chip processors. That means the Flash ROM,
RAM, and all I/O ports are on a single chip. Except for an external
crystal, no other parts are needed.

Does the OP want a multi-chip solution or a single chip solution ??


PS: the cygnal development kits comes with a copy of Keil on its
included CD. Although the compiler is only good for 4K of code.
It may be more that you need on the smaller cygnal parts.

Re: 8051 system development from scratch
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There are kits from Cygnal and Keil. The cygnal is mentioned elsewhere
in this thread. The Keil kit is based on the Philips LCP900 range and is
about 70USD. Like the Cygnal it too comes with a Keil C51
compiler/Simulator and monitor SW.

There are also any number of 8051 kits about.

As for downloading to the 8051, Philips (see Keil kit) , Cygnal, Atmel,
also some good kits, all have flash and the flash programmers are all
down load able (free) from the web sites and are inthe kits.

www.hitex.co.uk for the Keil MCB900 kit.


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Re: 8051 system development from scratch
Hi, it all depends on what you intend to make and what you have allready got.
Post some details if you want more useful help.

Re: 8051 system development from scratch
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The Philips 89C52RD+ has built in flash boot rom, and there's a free
download of Flash Magic to program it. You'll need an RS232 buffer to
connect up, of course, and then hang whatever you want to play with on
the IO ports.

To write the program, you'll need an assembler (plenty free out there)
or a compiler: SDCC is free, Dunfield is cheap, quirky but OK,
Raisonance and Keil have a limited free version, both full versions are
good but expensive. (Great if you have a project that will pay for
them). There are a few others in the same price bracket.

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I wouldn't bother. You don't need much hardware to run the processor,
I've run them on a matrix plug-in breadboard quite happily. The real
difficulty is in the peripherals, and setting up the simulator is in my
experience harder than trying the real thing and bashing away until it
does what you want.

Paul Burke

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