Help about HD66420 160 x 100 display controller avaliblity.

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hello all,

I was planning on using a display module, which uses the Hitachi
HD66420 display controller IC. On searching the Hitachi (Now Renesas)
US and Global web sights I could find a listing for the IC but no data
sheet. I could however find datasheets for the part on the European
web sight but it lists the part as not recommended for new designs.

Does anyone have any information on what the future of this IC is? Our
local REP says it's not recommended for new design but can't say how
long it will be available. It could be available for 10 years could go
on last buy next week, they don't know they are not allowed to sell
the part in the US (The module is made in Taiwan).

The HD66420 supports 160 x 100 gray scale. The display module was a
perfect fit for my application, but I will be forced to stay away from
if it uses a part not recommended for new design.

Thanks for any help. Renesas has not been very helpful on this.


Re: Help about HD66420 160 x 100 display controller avaliblity.
I made several projects using japanese parts. In my opinion you shoud stay
away from a situation where you NEED a specific part unless you are a
high-volume buyer. That is their "business as usual".
Leave "space" in your project in every direction. You may find the full
datasheet in the web archives. Ask if you don't know them.
- Henry

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