Hi All, I am using EZ USB FX2 dev kit. I am just new to this all and need t program 8051 through a firmware program. I am working in window environment. I need help about how to start and specially in finding som sample "firmware Program" which can be compiled through keil.

Thanks in advance

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You will need to load in the Keil Assembler output Intel Hex file.

Reset the FX2's 8051 like this: ... ResetUSB8051(TRUE);

bool CUSBFirm::ResetUSB8051(UCHAR reset) CCyControlEndPoint *ctrlEpt = m_pFX2Device->ControlEndPt;

ctrlEpt->Target = TGT_DEVICE; ctrlEpt->ReqType = REQ_VENDOR; ctrlEpt->Direction = DIR_TO_DEVICE; ctrlEpt->ReqCode = 0xA0; //ANCHOR_DOWNLOAD ctrlEpt->Value = 0xE600; //7F92? ctrlEpt->Index = 0;

UCHAR ucStop = reset; LONG lBytesToSend = 1; if(false == ctrlEpt->Write(&ucStop,lBytesToSend)) .....

Then.. Parse the intel hex file and send the address/data down to the FX2 a line at a time and lift the 8051 Reset like this


That's all I am gonna give you on the Windows side.. gotta do some of this yourself!

The docs for doing this are on the Cypress Website..

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There's a tutorial, and several demo apps there also.

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