which PC Based Logic Analyzer ?


At work we have an Intronix Logicport PC based logic analyzer. It is good, I like using it, but it has very little memory (2048 samples). Can you recommend something?

Thanks, T.I.

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Talal Itani
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Are you using it in transition mode? (Setup | Sample Mode | Compression)

I've been using one of these for years. I do occasionally wish for deeper storage but I've found that with a little thought I can define the trigger condition that I need to capture the event of interest.

Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

Sure, I am using Compression. I wished it's internal memory can be expanded.

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Talal Itani

Have a look at the Agilent 1690 series. It has the same triggering and GUI as the rest of Agilent LA's, connecting to the PC through FireWire. The cheapest is the 1693A, 34 channels, 200 MHz state, 400/800MHz Timing, 1M depth. The link is long and ugly, so go to

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and type 1693A in the search field on the right.


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Rube Bumpkin



Also have a look at the La-Gold-36 or Logic-16 from Janatek. The Gold samples at 1Ghz and has a mem depth of 1Meg per channel.

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