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I'm going to be helping with some embedded work and will likely need a
scope and at least 16 channels for logic analyzer (prefer 24 since that
is the address bus of the processor).  My suggestion was the HP
(Agilent?) 54622D, but then I saw the budget (sucks).  So, can anyone
suggest low cost instruments that you have had good experience with?
Used is fine.  I'm aware of some of the PC instruments, but have not had
experience with anything other than Tek and HP/Agilent (and would love
to keep it that way).

Scope specs:    * Two or more channels.
                        * 60 MHz (or better) analog equivalent bandwidth
(or better) per ch.
                        * External trigger (yes, goes without saying,
                        * Prefer digital, but analog ok
Logic ana.:        * 16 or more channels
                        * 10 nS
                        * 4 KB min. depth.


Re: Scope & Logic Analyzer

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Dave, don't know where you are located, are your timeline for this project,
but I have been in a similar situation.  The solution -- Rent.  In the USA,
at least, there are several places where you can rent the finest of
instrumentations for $400/month or less.


Re: Scope & Logic Analyzer

Ant16 but it is only 2048 samples deep.

Tom Woodrow

Dave Boland wrote:
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Re: Scope & Logic Analyzer
if your budget really really sucks you may get a used HP1631D , which is a
combination of 2 channels 50MHz DSO (200MSPS) and 43 channels LA. The
granddaddy of 54622 basically . They sell for just a few hundred dollars .

Best Regards,
Matt Tudor , MSEE

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Re: Scope & Logic Analyzer
Try in the states (LA-4000) or if in the uk like
me, they do have a uk distributor whose name escapes me at the moment :)

Decent depth logic and pattern generator modules at a reasonable price with
a variety of PC interfaces available.


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