Taping Off of The Radio?

I just soldered in parallel a couple of leads to the speaker in my clock radio so I can tape the music without worrying about background noise. But connected to the remote jack, there's no sound at all while connected to the mic jack I get loud and distorted sound.

What should I do; place a small cap in line or use a 8ohm/1K audio transducer and connect it to the mic input?


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Ron Hubbard
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^^^^^^^^^^^^ You mean transformer? Use the pot suggestion.

The remote jack is supposed to connect to a mic switch to turn the tape transport on and off.

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In addition to what has already been posted: You may be able to get suitable audio directly from the radio's volume control. Tom

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Tom Biasi



Yeah, I did mean transformer. It's funny the things you have on your mind when you type at 3:00 in the morning.... :-)


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Ron Hubbard

Try a 100ohm pot across the leads from the speakers, adjusted to the level you need.

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