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Hi all

I am interested in building a FM Radio but cannot find a kit to construct. I am looking for a kit that has good selectivity on the FM band. Preferably one without any ICs but I can do with it if the kit has ICs. Does anyone know where I can find a good FM kit to build? I am reasonably new to electronics, but can solder and have a multimeter.

Also I am in australia, so if anyone knows of a good FM kit to build please let me know.


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If you'd like one where the components are "spread out" for easy access and measurement, you might look at the Ramsey Electronics kit AMFM108K ($35USD) at

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If that's not what you're looking for, they have several other kits related to the commercial FM broadcast band.

No idea what they'd charge for inter-continental S/H, but you could always ask.

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Ramsey has "some" nice stuff - however - you might wish to ask about support - if it isn't working when completed. A friend of mine bought a 220 MHz receiver. He built it - did everything properly - myself and another tech checked it when it was found to be very very insensitive. We checked the components - even swapped a few out - still no luck. My friend called Ramsey at our suggestion - they gave him a price - which was like double the cost of the kit - to service it - not to mention ship back.

The "Sensitivity" on that receiver - well - we pumped in a signal off a Service Monitor - at max - and you were just barely able to hear it. In my opinion, it was a piece of garbage.

In their defense - I bought some other kits and was very pleased with them. Sometimes a company will have a thorn between the roses. That receiver (IMHO) was the one of the thorns.

The other day - I seen in a Radio Shack store that I went in for the first time in almost a year - they have a pocket FM radio. I'm not sure that fits your idea of a kit - per your post - but maybe give it a shot.

"Graymark" (?) - not sure if still in business - used to make some kits. I built a couple of them in High School Electronics class. They weren't the greatest thing since sliced bread - but they did come in handy and worked.They also sold a booklet which I thought was pretty decent. In the manual for the "power supply" kit I built - if memory serves me correct, it had a place to show the expected wave form on a scope and a place for you to mark yours. I'll have to check the manual again - but it seems to me - that was the case.I "did" see one of their "receiver" books - but I didn't get a good close look at it to know how well documented it was. I believe it was an AM/FM radio.

CAVEAT EMPTOR - you don't want your experience to be a "bad" one. That is a quick way to sway someone away from this field/hobby. I don't know that as a "kit" - you're going to find anything with "spectacular" specs.

Good luck to you!

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This is an ELENCO Kit. It is available in a version with solid state AF stage (AMFM108K) and IC AF stage (AMFM108TK). You can download the manual at

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You can get them from many distributors e.g
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I use the AMFM108K as practical work in our electronic curse for Ph.D. Students and it makes fun to them, even if the sound does not correspond to that of a HiFi receiver. The technology is that of the 60s. A AM/FM RF generator is required to align for best result.

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