Integrated USB controller just died

All of my integrated USB ports have just died, I was using it earlier to sync my PDA. I have since tried other USB devices on this PC and they also don't work, and the PDA does works on another computer.

It is not a software/OS problem as this computer has a removable HD and I have booted into another working OS and there is still no USB.

The power on the USB port is still hot and it will light a device plugged into it. Windows still sees the USB hardware and if I delete the USB controller Windows will re-detect and install it.

I have tried toggling all BIOS USB settings (AZZA motherboard).

I will probably end up just getting a PCI USB controller, but before I did I just wanted to se if anyone had any comments on getting this to work.

Cloud there be a fuse type of thing just on the DATA lines?


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Jack B. Pollack
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The motherboard is the fuse!

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Homer J Simpson

sounds like you cooked it.

Real Programmers Do things like this.
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Your USB controller chip is fried. Either you have the chip replaced with advanced soldering tools. Or you just have to live with broken usb.

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Easiest just to get a PCI USB card.

Or, if you are *not* running Windows XP, you might take this opportunity to replace/upgrade your motherboard. (Windows XP makes a big fuss if you change the motherboard on it.) I'd recommend Asus boards.


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The USB power lines are separate from the data lines, that's why your light test worked.

Why don't you try going into the System Control Panel, choose System, and get into the Device Manager. Find the USB section and delete the USB device names (example, Root Hub, etc) listed there. Then either run the Detect New Hardware wizard or reboot the computer. Windows should re-detect the USB chips (if they are working) and reload the drivers.

What do you have to lose - it's worth a try!

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