low cost usb controller

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   I need to add usb support to an exiting design that already
includes a Altera MAX EPM3064A CPLD and a 12MHz ARM micro controller.
I need something in the full speed range for the usb controller but
the trick is that it needs to come in under $2 for both the controller
and support chips.  How can I leveradge my existing hardware to bring
costs in line.

  I already have looked at Cypress, TI and FTID but all of there IC's
are in the $3-$6 range in quantitys.  If I got a paralel usb
transcever could I use my CPLD for a data buffer and rely on the
processor to handle the decode/encode of the data?

Any input would be apriciated.
  David Tucker

Re: low cost usb controller

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Which ARM micro
Maybe you want an ARM with built in USB?
How much memory in the system?
What is Your quantity?
/Ulf Samuelsson

Re: low cost usb controller
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    The project is an expantion module to a Game Boy Advance, so the
processor and memory are fixed.  Basicaly I have 128k of scratch
memory, and 2MB of system rom for code.  Im looking for initial
quantitys of 100, but I will be moving to quantitys of 1,000 after the
first run.
    I found a Philips PDIUSBD11 usb to serial interface for $1.75 in
quantitys of 1,000 but it requires an I2C interface.  How much effort
would it take to support a full i2c interface in a CPLD device?  Is
there another CPLD that has I2C built in?  I have allocated $2.50 in
my design for my glue logic and Im not tied to the Altera device yet.
    Im not happy with an i2c to paralel translation layer in my CPLD
device when there are so many paralel usb solutions out there but the
price is just not competitive.  Im trying to keep my total cost under
$15 but so far the USB is the most expencive piece in the design!

David Tucker

Re: low cost usb controller
David Tucker schrieb:

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Look at the USBN9603/9604 from National.
It costs about the same as the Philips device, but has Microwire
*and* parallel interfaces.

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Re: low cost usb controller
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Ok, I have narowed it down to the National USBN9063/4 or either the
Philips PDIUSBD12 or ISP1501.  Does anyone have any experience with
theas devices?

David Tucker

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