36v power tool motor to replace scooter motor?

Does this sound right?

motor shaft revolutions per scooter wheel revolution

8.15 wheel circumference 39.27" wheel movement per shaft revolution 4.82" motor shaft revolutions per minute (estimated) 3500 inches traveled per hour 1,011,900 inches in a mile 63360 miles per hour 15.97

I am pretty sure that motor can propel me at 16 mph. And as long as the motor shaft revolutions per minute estimate is not too small, seems to me it will work.

In that case, I just have to put the small sprocket on the bash motor shaft and mount it.

I would like to use a Bosch 36V cordless hammer drill motor. The electric scooter motor is the stock eZip 750, supposedly 750W. A Bosch motor is small compared to the scooter motor. The biggest benefit will be the very light lithium ion batteries, versus the very heavy SLA stock scooter batteries.

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You're only considering the speed. You also need to consider the torque or power (power = torque * angular speed).

And even if you can find a 750W cordless drill motor, the scooter motor will be intended to run at full power for extended periods, while the drill motor is likely to be rated based upon intermittent use.

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Yes, I get 15.97 MPH. When was the last time you ran your Bosch drill for 15 minutes at full load? Maybe the scooter motor is bigger for a reason. Here's my fun with electric motors.

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I have since got the new deep cycle batteries. MikeK

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My problem is the SLA batteries that weigh 17 pounds, way too heavy. I need to remake my "push stick" into something significantly lighter. My application resembles this guy's "Roller Cycle", except mine must be electric.

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You can find "Roller Cycle" on YouTube too.

That requires being able to inline skate well, and it is radical. The stroking is just for show, you do not need to stroke when being pushed 15 mph or faster. He is using Rollerblade Coyotes, an out of production off-road skate.

That is neat. Good to see the helmets. Skaters (all types) should wear helmets, but too often do not.

> I have since got the new deep cycle batteries.
>                        MikeK
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First seperate battery technology from the motor requirements. Using LiON batteries may work. Using a Bosch drill for power certainly won't, at least not for very long...

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I took the scooter motor cover off and a 3/8 inch diameter soft rubbery round O-ring fell out. Any clue as to what that was for? It was broken, pretty weak. My guess is that it was being used for the front bearing spacer. There is not much else in there, except big magnets and the rotor.

So I screwed the motor cover back on and attached the 36 V cordless drill controller to the motor contacts. Appears to work fine, probably should watch out for excessive heat?

The motor is rated for up to 48V.


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