Cordless drill power supplying scooter motor?

Does this sound right?

drill battery and controller no-load

driving the drill motor lowest-speed

1 amp full throttle 2.8 amps

driving the scooter motor lowest-speed

1.5 amp full throttle 10 amps

What concern is there about the cordless drill speed controller (trigger stuff, PWM, whatever) overheating? I suppose a temperature monitor could be used, if necessary. I could lose the cordless drill controller without crying about it. Also, I am dealing with lithium- ion batteries, so would not want the controller failure to make the batteries somehow catch fire or explode?


The cordless drill is a Bosch 36V lithium-ion hammer drill.

The scooter motor is something like this.
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completely different design objectives. I'd worry about continuous high load on a motor/control system designed for intermittent duty.

What would you anticipate as the total "trigger down" time of a drill motor over the course of a year. How long would it take to accumulate that much time on a scooter? Do the same math for the peak temperature of various components.

People used to try to use auto starter motors in electric scooters, but not at anywhere near their peak torque rating.

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36V cordless drill controller defond CGP-1120A-09R 20.1A 42VDC 2 607 202 016

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