There's actually such a thing as Sub Miniature Triaxial Cable?

I'm currently searching for triaxial cable with OD = 1.6mm to 2mm range.

Found data sheet but don't know yet if it's a source.

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(Bugs me that a comma is used instead of a period for the diameter specs.)

Just need about 12ft so I'll be making sales people unhappy cause I'm not buying a trainload.

Any pointers as where to buy sub mini triaxial (triax) cable?

Application: transmission line transformer with electrostatic shield

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D from BC
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It seems to be a source

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The Swedes, like the Dutch and the Germans, use a comma instead of a period to denote the decimal point. You get used to it.

You might try Farnell - they still seem to stock Nexans's Filotex 50R sub-minature coaxial cable

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but sub-minature tri-ax is probably a bit too exotic, even for them.

-- Bill Sloman, Nijmegen

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Bill Sloman

Exotic parts for exotic projects :) Thanks

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D from BC

How would that work? You can't ground both ends of the shield or it shorts the signal out. So you may as well use the shield as one of the windings.


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John Larkin

I'm grounding only one end of the inner shield for electrostatic shielding. Grounding both ends of the inner shield is equivalent to a shorted winding.

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D from BC





You have an exotic use case that is for sure. Would starquad do the job here? Maybe starquad with a shield layer? Possibly using 4 microcoax as starquad?


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I came across Habia a year or so ago and got excited about the possibility of testing a couple of feet of mini triax. They do low triboelectric cable too. But after an interesting visit from a sales rep, who impressed me with the breadth of his knowledge of exotic apps, they said they had no small sample lengths and I would have to pay over $1000 for a reel of about 100m. My boss wouldn't sign off a speculative purchase for that amount.

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