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Tablet PC sales worldwide in 2017 is estimated to be $380 million

2012 January 31 news, according to foreign media reported on Monday, according to market research firm NPD research report estimated that in 2017, soared to 383.3 million units 72.7 million units from 2011 global sales of tablet PCs. Correspondingly, only 352.8 million units in 2011 global PC sales, and a 6% decline in the fourth quarter of 2011.

NPD expect that 2017 global sales of tablet PCs will be up to 380 million units

NPD survey showed that 39% tablet PC users indicated that they would consider buying a Windows-based system.

Although those data that itself is astonishing, but the great concern is that most of the additional sales will come mainly from emerging markets. Estimated that in 2017, sales of tablet PCs in emerging markets share will rise from 36% in 2011 to 46%.

NPD senior analyst Richard Sim said as the emerging market of home consumers are not very familiar with the Tablet PC brand, and the sustainability of this part of the market people have doubts about this, eventually led to the tablet PCs in emerging markets where growth has been not been given due attention. But the NPD believes that this situation will change in the future. Rahim said the region to invest in the development of some well-known brand will not much enhance the market competition, this situation will continue and have further development.

Especially in emerging markets, the rapid development of the Tablet PC is not just rely on the Apple iPad to drive. It is reported that Aakash such as the new brand launch in India, as well, including Dell, a senior computer manufacturers will be to contribute to the development of the Tablet PC market. China and the Asia-Pacific region are the Tablet PC penetration on the highest permeability regions, Brazil, India, Russia and other countries also started to become the major development of Tablet PC market. The key is to promote the rapid development of the Tablet PC market low-power processors and priced at less than $100 cheap Tablet PC.

In addition to the growth of emerging markets, the NPD also pointed out that the Tablet PC platform itself is also by the development of technology for further growth, including higher pixel density and superior performance.

NPD's findings are consistent with the fact, Microsoft seems to be in the Tablet PC market have a bright future. According to the NPD survey, 39% of the U.S. flat-panel computer users said they would consider buying the Windows-based Tablet PC. Now it is hard to say which tablet people will buy at the end. Because the questionnaire report and the user's actual behavior are not always the same.

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