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Does anyone here have experience in converting a circuit to ASIC?

Yes, 45 years experience. Go to my website....

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for more information, and contact details.

Answers to you questions (below) can not be answered until your schematic and specifications can be reviewed.

>It's a fairly simple design. Nothing esoteric. >Here are my questions: > >1 - Who does this? We have zero experience here, and will just farm >it out. (We're located in the US.) A search on ThomasRegister yielded >96 "hits", but have not done much with that list yet.... > >2 - Is there a ballpark guesstimate of what a per-piece ASIC >equivalent might run us? For example, if our prototype (using Digikey >onesies-twosies) ran $4.50 US including the board but ignoring labor, >what's a reasonable ratio? > >3 - Finally what about ASIC development costs? >I'm presently guessing $250K US to get it converted and then we'll buy >units from there. (In other words, the non-recurring engineering >costs) Does that seem a reasonable estimate to anyone?? > >What has been your experience with similar projects? >Thanks!! > >-mpm

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