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I use Orcad (capture 9.2). I designed a circuit with VSIN as the source. I want to see the result of some parameters by changing the amplitude of the VSIN (Vi in my circuit). I need to use parametric sweep. How I can define the sweep variable? If I use VDC in place of VSIN I only need to put Vi as the variable and define the start value, end value and the increment. But in the VSIN as the source, simply writing Vi as the variable does not help, because VAC has three variables: VAMPl, VOFF, FREQ ((in comparison to VDC that has only 1 variable: its amplitude). How I can define the amplitude variable of the VSIN in the parametric sweep so I can see the results for various amplitudes?


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In the SINE part, set VAMPL = {VA}

Then declare...


Then set your range and step size in the Parametric Sweep setup.

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