Propagation delay question

Hi Everyone

I'm looking to buffer a clock oscillator to improve fan-out. In my application, skew is not important, but symmetry is - I need a 33MHz clock with 40% to 60% duty cycle. My clock oscillator is guaranteed to be between 45% and 55%, so my buffer must have (TPLH - TPHL) < 1.5ns in order to be safe.

My questions are: can I expect the low-to-high propagation delay of a CMOS device (ALVC244) to be very close to the high-to-low delay? In this type of device, what causes differences between TPLH and TPHL? Is the phenomenon temperature dependant?

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Cheers Geoff

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Do you have access to a 66 MHz clock? If so, divide by 2.

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Richard Henry

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