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OK, I finally started a web site. I'll add an SED page to post pics, since many people seem unable to see my FTP files.

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Yes, it's disorganized, and probably always will be.

I'm thinking some day I'll do some tutorials about high speed design, thermal design, electronic oddities, Spice stuff, electronic cheat-sheets, like that.


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John Larkin
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The reason why some people can't get to your FTP site is that their Firewall or router is blocking ports 1023-1029.


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Martin Riddle

Doubtful, MFST's own debugging page suggests


for testing, and it works fine. So it's unlikely ftp at my end (Chrome, Opera, MSIE), though there lots of reports that Win7 doesn't ftp where WinXP did, but Win7 did okay back before I'm of a laptop with wireless Internet connection (not WiFi, through a mobile phone network, either my phone, or USB wireless modem).


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My Win 7 would not map my own FTP drives until I did this:

Local Security Policy Security Settings Local Policy Security Options SET NetWork Security: LAN Manager Authentication level TO Send LM & NTLM responses

If you're running that crappy Home version...upgrade to Pro.


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