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After vandalism (two cars tires slashed, cool-aid in pool) at the house I want to create some type of monitor that would alert me inside the house that someone or something has passed within the alley behind my home. The alley is about 50' from the house. I don't think I am going to be able to use something that crosses the alley as the back side neighbor might not want something on his fence.

I want the circuit to monitor traffic and emit a flash and short beep inside the house. I would turn the circuit on at night. Any tips, recommendations?


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Jim Douglas
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X-band door opener as found at your typical grocery store?

I've also made my own acoustic doppler using 40KHz transducers.

You could also use IR "light" beam stuff. Just paste a bicycle reflector on the neighbor's fence. He'd likely not notice, OR might be interested in participating.

I found that my next door neighbor, when I lived in North Scottsdale, was very effective against vandals sneaking thru the horse easement. He just jump out of his house in his underwear shorts, point his shotgun, and watch 'em run ;-)

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Jim Thompson

Yeah, a motion detector like the ones that turn on a floodlight whenever somebody walks by. You can buy them. And they don't require a detector or reflector across the way. You could rig it to turn on something in your house at the same time it turns on the outside floodlight.

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"Jim Douglas"

** Err - a PIR movement detector ??

Same as used in every front door/ yard light, home burglar alarm, door minder etc etc ....

.............. Phil

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Phil Allison

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