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..may i swear? On Comcast. Want to share same cable in large house; part being used on one end and level, desired additional point on other end and different level. Will have them do all work to get warrantee when things go AFU. Now, doesn't that mean an additional, cable modem? How does one get a router and where does that go in the standard lash-up of cable--modem--computer? What kind of router?

  • Best way to connect standard phone to this mess so as to "guarantee" same phone number and usage as POTS - and avoid almost of charges for dial-up (no long distance) capability?
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Robert Baer
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Possibly, You might get a DOCIS 3.0 modem. Internet and phone. Similar to the Motorola 'Surfboard'

The router goes in-between the cable modem and computers

Check with Comcast

Read the post halfway thru, Comcast is changing to a All-In-One device (Modem-Router)

the VOIP is built in to the modem, just plug the phone into it and your done. You have to transfer your phone number and you'd loose your existing POTS account.

cable - modem - Phone - router - Computer - Computer


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Martin Riddle

  • Transfer? Does that mean i keep the same number? And if so, why would that "disable" my existing account?

Other than my dumb question above, it is all clear and very encouraging. Most especially that the router is integrated. Thanks.

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Assuming that your existing POTS line is with another carrier. Comcast does not have POTS.

Yes, you could. Our ooma (VOIP) service charge $40 to port the number from AT&T.

Because we don't have to pay AT&T for the POTS/DSL anymore, but still have to pay for the fiber internet. They are different accounts in same company.

Your situations might be different.

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Most definitely; i am paying about $48/mo to Qwest for POTS.

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Robert Baer

I was paying that to Verizon, ten years ago. Two lines, one got dumped for a cable modem and the other for a pair of cell phones; saved some money on each and got better service each time.

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for a


We are paying less than that for 11Mb/s down 1.5Mb/s up fiber (ATT Uverse). We are paying $35 now and $45 later, after the promotion.

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