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Hi All, I just got a 13.5% increase in my bundled cable/internet/phone bill. No changes to service. My new cost is $130.37, I don't have any premium channels. I do have anolog basic + expanded basic cable as they call it.

What are you all paying for your service? Mike

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I'm paying about $73 a month for cable+some premium stuff (lots of sports for The Brat) + 4 mbit DSL, no phones. I think they wanted almost $50 more for phone service.


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John Larkin

I'm paying $169.62.


HSI "Premium" (speed-enhanced)

Basic Cable Expanded Basic Digital/HD Movie Tier Variety Tier Cinemax HBO Showtime Starz

Taxes, taxes and more taxes :-(

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Jim Thompson

$35 for Verizon POTS landline with NO features (no CLID, etc.) I'm going to turn it off because I don't need it since I keep my cell with me and when I'm gone nobody is home to answer it anyway.

$20 for cell service from Consumer Cellular (bulk reseller of AT&T service). Good coverage, good rates, good service, and NO contracts. Recommended.

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$60 for Sprint EVDO, but I'm going to turn that off because they

*finally* (years late) turned on WiMAX here in PDX. But they will hit me up for a $200 termination charge. :-(

$30 for Clearwire (aka. "Clear") WiMAX service. 5-6x the speed of Sprint EVDO and HALF the price (with my discount as an employee of one of the major technology partners.) Major down- side is that service area is currently only around close-in metro area (vs EVDO nationwide, but not "seamless" by any measure.)

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currently available in PDX only.

$45 for DishNetwork ~100 channels (including audio) and no premium services. But I'm thinking of turning this off also because the ratio of stuff I want to watch vs the rest of the trash is shrinking ever smaller with every new "season". Not to mention squeezing more channels into the same bandwidth with the resulting increased visual artifacts of compression. ("100 channels and nothing to watch.")

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Richard Crowley

Basic cable and 7 MB/s internet is $64 a month. I use the 'Lifeline' phone service for local only calls for about $13 a month. My cable & internet bill has gone up less than one dollar in the last two years.

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Michael A. Terrell

IIRC 35 euro for telephone + internet (4Mb ADSL) and 7.50 for digital TV. Its the cheapest I can get from a provider with decent quality.

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Nico Coesel

Bundle deals can look good good during the teaser phase, but then ...

Here, no bundles:

TV: Antenna (a.k.a. free) Phone: Have to look, probably around $25/mo, POTS DSL: $25/mo

That's about it. Oh, cell via VirginMobile on the Sprint net, about $5/month. This buys airtime at 18c/min and they just keep rolling on over.

Possibly TV is going to be mostly over for us on account of sub-par ATSC multipath performance. Oh well, life will go on.

Regards, Joerg
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In VT I was paying just under $200 for cable (with movie channels) and Internet. POTS was another $50 per line, so we dumped one for the cable Internet and the other for cell phones.

You forgot "fees". We also had the Adelphia boondoggle to support.

The local cable company doesn't serve our neighborhood. Seems they don't serve any well. They're bankrupt (Charter). We now have the horrid DISH TV and AT&T DSL. I'd dump DISH in a minute.

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NZD28/mo for (256kb) ADSL + NZD1.5/GB from 0800hr 0200hr (0200 to 0800 is free (unless I exceed some number which is physically inpossible)). traffic to the providers usenet server is not charged for. in the past 6 months the only major outage was 6 consecutive days without usenet.

in the last half hour something has stopped the internet, support line is busy, so a: it's recent and b: they know about it. I run a news spool here using a "suck" like tool so short outages don't worry me much.

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Jasen Betts

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