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I have a DPS9455B video chip I am trying to communicate with (IIC). I have other chips that communicate just fine, using IIC protocol. I've read the data sheet over many times, thinking I must have missed something. I've looked at the signals and hookups many times. Everything looks just the way it is suppose to, but it doesn't communicate. The chip is made in Germany by Micronas. I sent my schematic to their U.S. tech. support, but they couldn't help me. Their Germany tech. support, said that I was on my own.

The chip sends acknowledge signals after each byte sent. The first register doesn't need a store command (a bit set in the store command register), but most others do. It will write to and read from the first register only. There are a few other registers that don't need the store command, but it won't write to them either. Has anyone worked with this video chip? Anyone have any suggestions?

Brian Ellis

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Can't help on that chip but had a project go bad using an infineon (now micronas) PIP video processor chip. I2C worked fine but would action only about 20% of the stated data sheet commands. That and discovering the chip couldn't process PAL colour correctly left a bad taste in my mouth. Six weeks work down the toilet. Fortunately the customer knew I'd had bad vibes about infineon from day one and we took a different tack. I notice that the micronas web site is still grade #1 s**te!.

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