I have problem with readback for virtex2

Now I am doing Xilinx Virtex2 (xc2v1000) readback to capture register status. I have done C++ code for this, but it doesn't work at all. After I send the CFG_IN(000101) instruction, the command is following:

aa995566h(sync word);

30002001h(write to FAR register); Frameaddr(from the .ll file); 30008001h(write to CMD register); 00000004h(RCFG); 280060d4h(Number of word to readback)(3392 Bit/Frame 106x 32 for xc2v1000. 212(d4h)x32) 00000000h;flush the command pipeline. 00000000h;flush the command pipeline.(64 Bit register)

I think, the virtex2 is same with virtex. The value for one frame readback word is 2 times the Frame Bit. The first 3392 Bit is pad frame. then is CLB frame.

then after the CFG_OUT(000100) instruction, ignore the first 3392 bit, after that readback from TDO when offset (from .ll file) plus 32(pad word). I instantiated the capture_virtex2. So I don't know how to do it. Have anyone idea to do it? Any informtion is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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