Hobby-level PCB fab to/in Canada?

Express PCB uses UPS exclusively - across the border that means an extra $50 or more. Does anyone in Canada get their boards made locally, or from a US source that will ship via USPS?

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John Larkin

I did the last runs here:

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Came with Fedex AFAIK but I guess you can specify. Just ask them.

Regards, Joerg

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Fedex air includes brokerage in the shipping... and there's APC in Alberta. Most of the proto board houses seem to treat shipping as a bit of a profit center, so you have to look at the total cost. Just avoid UPS. I don't think anyone except maybe Olimex (Bulgaria) uses the post office. Best regards, Spehro Pefhany

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Spehro Pefhany


Hi, In Montreal I sometimes use Multifor. AP Circuits is also good. And yes, UPS is a scandalous racket when it comes to the customs brokerage thing. If you can wait three weeks, I've also used Olimex in Bulgaria with postal service.

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I don't think anyone except maybe Olimex (Bulgaria) uses

Post Office:

Olimex Bulgaria PCBCart Mainland China E-Tek out of Arizone by way of China SMTH Circuits (BC Canada)

Probably others, but I've used all of these with good results. Best results from PCBCart...fast service, excellent quality, caught a couple of my errors and asked if I wanted them corrected.


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RST Engineering (jw)

Here in BC (again...)

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"Quick Turn Prototypes ? With our flexible prototyping systems in place, our prototype delivery times range from 5days to 24hours. Whether you are a small company that is just starting out, or a globally established company, Canadian Circuits Inc. is here to assist you.."

I know of these guys but haven't tried them. (I make my own boards.)

Also here in BC...

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"To keep the prototype prices as low as possible we have to apply certain restrictions: 2 layers or 4 layers, FR-4, 0.062", 1 oz copper No BGA Min. 0.006" trace/space Min. 0.015" hole size Rectangular PCB, no slots Max size: 60 sq. inches for 2-layer boards or 30 sq. inches for 4-layer boards "

D from BC British Columbia Canada.

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D from BC

After several good orders(quality) I find the solder mask is peeling badly from flow soldering on current batches.. ( PcbCart.com)

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Futurlec (Thailand) use post as well as couriers, your choice.

I suspect they only "front-end" for a large Chinese fab, but who knows ...

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