Free through-hole parts to good home

I am taking the remainder of my through-hole parts collection and dumping it in a box. I haven't built a through-hole prototype or reworked a through-hole board in I don't know how long, and this stuff is wasting shelf space.

(My proto kit containing every single 0603 value I need in resistors and ceramic caps, plus all my SOT23 transistors and regulators, fits in a few hundred 1-dram sample bottles).

It's not going to be a huge crate of stuff - don't expect Shangri-La - but it would be a useful addition to a hobbyist's collection. For instance, there's most of a 5% 1/4W resistor kit in amongst that stuff, various electrolytic and ceramic capacitors, and other goodies. A few AT89S53 micros. Maybe some ATtinys and PICs, I'm not sure; could even be a few ATmegas. ULN2803A octal Darlington drivers. Various samples. There may be some motors mixed in, and there is a distinct possibility of some connectors. Definitely a bunch of crystals.

The earliest-dated email in my gmail in-box with a domestic US shipping address will get it all.

The parcel will not ship before 1/13 (it will either be 1/13 or 1/16), as I'm cleaning out my lab over the course of this coming week. It will ship via parcel post.

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So, are they SMD (0603) or TH? I am looking for small quantities of

1000pF (0603) and 2200pF (0805) and other stuffs. I am trying to avoid buying reels (4000). If you have them, I can pay for them.

By the way, are there trading clubs for electronics parts. I hate buying 100s or 1000s to get a fews. I have some SMDs to trade if interested.

R (0603): 75,300,494,1K,2.2K,3.4K,10K,20K,11K,22K,33K,1M,10M C(0603): 1pF,4.7pF,18pF,22pF,27pF,100pF,0.01uF,0.1uF,1uF C(0805): 22uF T(SOT23): 7002,FDC640,FDC654 etc.

Do you have a list?

(second attempt due to google server problem)

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The stuff I gave away was TH. By way of contrast I was stating that all my proto SMD parts fit into a couple of small boxes compared to shelves and shelves of TH parts.

I don't have any 0805 parts AFAIK. I might have 1000pF 0603s, let me check when I get home.

When I need a value, I almost always buy the entire reel. They are cheap, and easy to store. I pull a couple of hundred pieces off the end of the reel and put them in the sample bottle ready for use; the reels sit on a shelf. For larger parts (electrolytics, ICs) that aren't happy going into sample bottles, I have the reels strung on a piece of rope and the ends dangle down so I can pull off whatever I need as I need it.

Not really, are you looking for anything specific?

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Sorry, the 22uF is 1210, will trade for a pair of 0603 2200pF and 0603

1000pF. .

Yes, SMD 12x10x6 (approximately). Cost around $1.

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Those are ceramics? How much do these cost nowadays?

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