Firing Frequencies at Corona Virus

It may be possible to fire frequencies at the Corona Virus, possibly sound waves or other vibrations.

For this to work I imagine the following:

  1. First the corona virus must be real.
  2. Second the corona virus must be isolated.
  3. Third the corona virus frequency must be discovered/established.
  4. Fourth the frequency must be replicated by some kind of device.
  5. Fiveth an experiment should be done to see if the frequency can destroy any other cells.
  6. If it's found to be safe and effective, then the corona virus can be destroyed, by blasting it with it's own frequency !

Like a glass that shatters ! =D

Also like that film "martians" or something where this music blasts them apart ! HAHAHAHA.

Perhaps there is even a colloration between people playing music and those that don't. Perhaps people that play music have a higher survival rate vs corona because of accidental frequencies killing the corona virus ! ;)

Bye for now, Skybuck.

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A man claims to have been cured from bacteria in his brain, this is the only thing that worked.

Perhaps his body healed itself and this tech had nothing to do with it... though there could be something to it.

A tiny creature in the forest bit him, caused "lyme" disease or something.

If frequencies can kill bacteria, maybe frequencies can also kill virusses.

Bye, Skybuck.

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